Is Fortnite Free on Nintendo Switch?

Has everyone asked me, is Fortnite free on Nintendo Switch? I have to admit I was a little confused when I first saw the Switch console sitting on the shelf at Game Stop. I really thought that Nintendo had gone back on their word and I would be forced to buy the new Mario game.

Thankfully I was wrong. As I opened up the game case, I saw that it was simply a flash application. I guess it is a new game on the Switch but the name certainly says a lot. So now I know and I have my hopes up that it might be worth trying out. Here’s my review of the free game on the Nintendo switch.

Fortnite is a third-person survival game where you build and create shelter for your life and your dog. Your goal is to build a shelter big enough to house your family, including your dog. You can view and choose the terrain you want to play on, including the seasons, the time of day, the weather, and of course the type of terrain. You will also be able to choose what items are available in your new home. It is simple and easy to play, and a nice change from more traditional survival games.

As I mentioned, the game has a lot of possibilities. The one problem I did have though was that after I saved my game, I could not load it back up. This made me question whether or not the Switch is capable of supporting external flash memory devices. Fortunately, Nintendo provided a quick response and this issue has been resolved. The developers provided a link to the proper way to restore your Wii game data so you can enjoy playing again.

My second concern was the portability of the unit. While the console itself was pretty lightweight and portable, it is not particularly small. A few people I knew wanted to bring their Nintendo Switch to New York to use at an event, but they didn’t want to leave their home console behind. For them, a portable gaming console like the Switch was just not quite affordable.

I settled on a solution that would satisfy both my needs and my budget. One option is for me to take my Switch with me when I travel to Los Angeles for an event. Since I am living there, I have access to a computer and a printer. Another option is to use a company’s Wi-Fi service to allow me to play without having to leave the home. Both options are easy to set up, and depending on your company’s setup, you may be able to get away with only one. After connecting the computer to the internet, I can easily log into my Wii, launch the game, and begin playing immediately.

The final question I had for is Fortnite Free on Nintendo Switch? Is it worth the money? At first, I thought about buying the game for my Switch, but once I was able to actually play the game, it did not turn out to be as appealing as I had anticipated. For one, the graphics are of lower quality. Other than that, I think it is definitely worth the money because I can play for hours on end without feeling like I am just wasting my money.

If you have never played before, it is highly recommended that you start out with one of the free games. Even if you have played before, you can always go back to the ones you did like the ones by Nintendo. The Switch does have its flaws, but overall, it is a great gaming device. I can see myself getting a few more years of use out of it before I eventually have to replace it. If you are interested in finding out how to download Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, check out my site below.