What Is Bad About Fortnite?

So you’ve heard of the game Fortnite. You may have heard that it can be a lot of fun and a very challenging game to play. But what exactly is bad about Fortnite? And what things should you be aware of if you are planning on playing Fortnite? Let’s answer these questions for you.

The Bad: It’s Not Very Popular: While there are a lot of games online that people love to play, none of them are quite as popular as Fortnite. Many people have not heard of it or haven’t played it yet. This means that those who have played it probably won’t feel any negative effects from it. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a perfect game. It’s not very skill-based, which may make it boring for people who don’t like to play games that require a lot of thinking and thought.

It’s buggy: Fortnite has only been out for a few months. Since then, there are literally millions of people playing it across the world. There is a very good chance that a lot of bugs have come up. So if you are using the game, you should be aware of all these potential problems.

It’s Not Useful: Fortnite isn’t a particularly useful game. There aren’t any weapons or upgrades that you can buy to spice up the game. That said, the fact that it’s free doesn’t mean that you won’t need to do something with it. For example, you can challenge other players to a fight if you are at level 10. If you win, you get the prize.

Fortnite Blasts: This is actually one of the worst parts of the game. When you first step into the arena, there are two balloons randomly positioned at the corners. If you go down the path to the right, you will encounter three more balloons. The problem with this is that they will fly at you as if they were really fast missiles. They won’t slow down until you are right next to them, and then you’ll be blown away by the blast.

There’s No Tutorial: Although the tutorial may look like it would help, most of them have been broken. It’s difficult to tell whether you are doing something correctly without watching the video. You may end up getting really frustrated. Also, the tutorial may lead you to do something that makes the game much harder than it was originally. For example, if you are a sharpshooter, you might accidentally hit an enemy that is covered in armor. You won’t know it because the game hasn’t updated the information about that yet.

It Doesn’t Have Any Types of Challenges: When you first start out, you just have a normal quest available to do. After doing quests, you can do some hunting to gather materials and other things needed for building houses and such. But as time progresses, the game gets harder. Eventually, you’ll find yourself wanting to do more than just simple quests.

It Has Some Glitches: As I mentioned, there are bound to be some glitches in the game. If there’s a problem that appears to be impossible to fix, then there’s a good chance it’s already working against you. For example, if you are moving too slow in the game, it may be a sign that there is a hill somewhere that you need to cross. Otherwise, there may be invisible walls blocking your view.

It Doesn’t Have Any Tutorials: Fortnite makes it easy to learn its basics, but it does not provide extensive training when it comes to advanced techniques. For example, when you’re attacking an enemy, you will only see the action through the actions of your character. There’s no way for you to learn what those actions are, and you will most likely make mistakes along the way. This tutorial feature would have been extremely helpful.

It Has Many Add-ons: The game comes with three standard add-ons that you can use. However, most of them aren’t great. Fortnite provides one of the best support packages on the market. Unfortunately, a lot of the content in the game is left untouched and hasn’t been polished. The result is an incomplete package that leaves you high and dry after a game that could be very rewarding.

It Needs Lots of Updates: As I said, this game was released several months ago, so it was already starting to show its age. A few months ago, the update made all the changes I was expecting, but only after I had spent several hundreds of dollars on the game. After the recent update, I have to say that it may still be buggy and unfinished, but that’s not much of a problem since the game is free anyway.